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Since the inception of community living, wages for direct support staff have been a chronic issue. We are calling on the Province to improve funding for wages for direct support staff. Sign the petition here:


  1. Support staff need to make a living wage. So many have more than one job to make ends meet. There is no work life balance.

  2. helping others and teaching them lifeskills is a great thing for me. unfortunatly i can not pay my bills as the wage is so low

  3. An important and longstanding issue with huge negative impact on lives of persons with intellectual disabilities

  4. Please support all people who unconditionally support people living and struggling with disabilities.

  5. As a parent of a child with special needs, I wholeheartedly agree!

  6. We deserve liveable wages for the emotionally and physically difficult jobs that we do every day.

  7. This job is incredibly important. We as parents and caregivers have to put our trust into qualified and caring individuals to care for our special and vulnerable kids/adult family members. It absolutely needs to be a priority to have quality care for them. It takes special people to dedicate their careers to this cause and I am grateful to each person whom has affected my sons life personally. I would sign this a million times if I could.

  8. It’s sad that our government does not recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to do this kind of work wages frozen for 6 years now is just ridiculous preying on workers who have their heart and soul dedicated to a better life for people with special needs

  9. Our jobs are very rewarding to all those we support and to ourselves . We are dedicated workers who put our hearts and soul in making people with disabilities better their lives..

  10. Support workers are surely underpaid. Something need to be done to appreciate their hard work that they do out of love!

  11. Please support all support workers who works with people with disabilities , child care and elderly

  12. I have worked in an organizstion for 18 years giving love and support to individuals with disability, I have loved every day
    of it, But the pay is very
    Sad. for the service we provide. After all these years I am at what I would call a starting wage in most jobs these days.

  13. Please support DSWs for a better wage and for the job they do, (we do) is worth it. We are worthy of a wage increase.

  14. A liveable wage for DSP’s would help ensure lower rates of turnover, a more dedicated workforce, better morale, and most importantly, better support and continuity for the individuals in our care

  15. Good salary rate avoid employee to work morethan 1 job and give quality care to there person supporting.

  16. We definitely need higher wages. Staff should not need to work multiple jobs. Staff should not need to search for two full time positions to make a living. Their families suffer when parents need to do that. The sad effects of parents having to be away for so much time will continue to haunt our society for many years

  17. Direct Support Professionals are amongst the least appreciated employees “directly” funded by the provincial government. Many other provinces have recognized the need for consistent, content and committed employees to be working with some of their most vulnerable people. Don’t you think it’s time Manitoba does the same? Will you stand with us and the people we serve and demand a living wage, reflective of the time and energy we give day after day.

  18. Their jobs need to be seen and recognized as a valuable and important profession.

  19. It’s needed and it’s right

  20. The need is there and support staff need to be recognized.

  21. People need to be supported in a consistent, content and encouraging manner. They lose that because of high turn around. Good support people are lost to higher paying positions.

  22. Good support people are lost to higher paying positions.



  24. Absolutely underpaid
    My decades of work still at 14:58 for a Dsc 3 level

    We are dedicated to making best quality life that can be obtained

  25. Definitely underpaid
    I after decades as a direct service worker am still just above minimum wage

  26. Need more money.

  27. Direct Service Workers often go above and beyond the “call of duty” in order to provide our intellectually challenged family members and individuals with a quality of life that is filled with meaningful experiences and a feeling of truly being appreciated and understood. They should be encouraged to continue in their chosen careers by rewarding them with wages that are more in line with the quality of services that they provide.

  28. We are so fortunate to have such an integral role in helping those we serve to attain their goals and life their best lives.

  29. My staff deserve a living wage! Salaries need to be increased to a level so that it can become a full-time career for those that wish to work in this field. People in the Healthcare field, with less responsibilities than some Direct Support Staff make $4-$5 an hour more!

  30. The importance of the direct support worker is underappreciated in our Province. I hope that the elected politicians would have the political will to increase the wages of direct support workers. #increase the wages of direct support workers!

  31. If we are doing the work similar to nurses in personnel care homes, should the wages not be the same?

  32. Please ask the government to invest more in YOU!! The people who pay taxes and invest in Canadians.

  33. We , as DSP workers would appreciate a wage that reflects the cost of living in this province.

  34. the support staff need to receive fair wages

  35. Support workers need to be paid proper wages for the work they do


  37. Support staff deserve to see a substantial increase in wages!!

  38. We really appreciate what the support staff are doing in our area , we would ask that they would get a decent wage for what they do , they really deserve a good raise

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