Working Groups

Barrier Free Manitoba

Representative: Leanne Fenez

Background: Barrier-Free Manitoba is a non-partisan, non-profit, cross-disability initiative that was formed in 2008 with a goal of getting the Province Manitoba to enact strong and effective legislation that requires the removal of existing barriers and prevents the creation of new ones.

This legislation was passed and proclaimed on December 5, 2013 in the form of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. This was accomplished because of the widespread support provided by organizations and individuals from and beyond Manitoba’s disability communities.


  • Manitoba Possible
  • New Directions
  • Abilities Manitoba
  • Children's Coalition
  • Manitoba Supported Employment Network
  • Cerebral Palsy Association

RRC Polytech D&CSP Advisory Committee

Representative: Jeannie Alexander

Background: This committee meets twice a year to provide guidance and advice on all matters related to the Disability and Community Support Program at Red River College to ensure program relevance to both students and employees.


  • Red River College representatives
  • Student representatives
  • Family Services Representative
  • Community representatives


Representative: Margo Powell

Background: Disability Matters Vote (DMVote) is a non-partisan public awareness campaign. This campaign is a joint initiative of  Abilities Manitoba and Barrier Free Manitoba, but this campaign is all about Manitobans. DMVote aims: 

1. To ensure all Manitobans with disabilities can participate fully in election activities and those who are eligible to vote can do so.

2. To promote priority attention for disability issues in the provincial election.

3. To support Manitobans in making informed voting decisions.


  • Abilities Manitoba
  • Barrier Free Manitoba

Spectrum Partners

Representative: Margo Powell

Background: A Collaborative Cross-Sector Partnership Using Data Science and Participatory Action Methodologies to Conduct Equity-Focused Social Policy Research and Evaluation.


  • University of Manitoba Researchers
  • Province of Manitoba
  • Community Representatives

Professionalization Working Group

Representative: Jeannie Alexander

Background: This working group was established to assist with developing a province-wide strategy that will enhance training standards and wages for direct staff and make recommendations to Abilities Manitoba.


  • Charmayne Dube
  • Jeannette DeLong
  • Krista Bissett
  • Kristin Knockaert
  • Leanne Fenez
  • Maria Freeman
  • Scott Smith
  • Holly Thede
  • A representative from the Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba (ADSPM)

Network of Networks

Representative: Margo Powell

Background: A committee under The Canadian Centre on Economic Development where associations who represent members join together to advocate for Manitoba non-profit organizations.


Manitoba Nonprofit Organizations 

The Coalition

Representatives: Margo Powell, Jeannie Alexander

Background: To work together to change low wages and address the lack of training standards for DSP’s funded by Community Living disAbility Services. 


  • Abilities Manitoba
  • The Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba
  • Community Living Manitoba
  • The Manitoba Family Advocacy Network
  • People First of Manitoba