A Day in the Life of Mary - Segregated and Integrated Spaces Explained

An exploration of the concepts of integration and segregation and the power of choice. 

This video is captioned. For video with simultaneous ASL please follow this link: A Day in the Life of Mary - ASL Version

Full transcripts are available here: 

Word version: A Day In The life of Mary- Segregrated and Intergrated Spaces Explained.docx (32 KB)

PDF version: A Day In The life of Mary- Segregrated and Intergrated Spaces Explained.pdf (86 KB)

Putting it into Practice

Mapping Exercise - Spend 20 minutes with your team, working through this exercise to illustrate the community participation, connections and valued social roles that exist within the group and those that you serve. Discuss the differences that you observe and what you as a team could do to increase the opportunities that people you support have to be included and connected. Instructions are available here: Mapping Exercise - instructions.pdf (81 KB)

Wallet Exercise - Let's get personal and take a look at what you have in your wallet. Do this quick exercise where we reflect on what you keep in your wallet. What do all these items signify?

Money and credit cards = security 

Pictures, business cards = connections

License/ID = access to community, transportation

Now think about what might be in the wallet of someone you support... are there differences? Do they even have a wallet? What might this mean?  

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