Zoom Lunch & Learn: Gritty Grace in a Burnt out World

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Our planet is almost three years into a global pandemic—the greatest global adversity of our lifetime. The cumulative toll on our spirits is immense. With relationship and belonging being an essential human need, the pandemic has created unique challenges to connection—in addition to the barriers to relationship that have always existed. The challenges on our systems is prolonged and enduring—more than our systems were designed to bear. It is true many of us—including, or maybe even especially, who work at Non-Profit Organizations that seek to help others, have had “more going out than going in” for an extended period of time. This seminar will explore:

1.      Unique mental health challenges of this stage of the pandemic

2.     The condition of burnout and its relevance during this stage of the pandemic

3.     Significance and practice of permission giving self compassion, gritty grace, revolutionary mercy, and meaningful connection to combat mental health distress

Please bring a piece of paper and a pen (and/or colored pencils) as well as some post it notes (if you have them handy) to the workshop.

The Speaker:

Carolyn Klassen is a therapist in Winnipeg, and speaker at Wired for Connection. Her many years of providing therapy provide her with a wealth of knowledge about people—including topics like grief, pain, anxiety, depression, joy and grace that are not easily or often spoken about in polite

company. Her presentations are interesting, rooted in scientific research while being real and profoundly human. She has a Master’s Degree in therapy, and is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. She is a regular contributor to Hal Anderson’s 680 CJOB “Connecting Winnipeg” show and frequently appears on news programs as an expert on relationships and mental health.

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