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For the Person Centred Planning Training Project, we have some Creative Facilitation workshops coming up in Winnipeg, Brandon and Portage la Prairie.  These workshops are funded by the Government of Manitoba, and there is no cost.  For each workshop, coffee is provided and lunch is on your own.  We will ensure that each agency gets a copy of the PATH AND MAPS Handbook from Inclusion Press.  Additional copies can be purchased directly from Inclusion Press.


CREATIVE FACILITATION is a three-day workshop that introduces participants to the PATH and MAPS approach to person-centred service planning.  Participants will be provided with an introduction to the foundations of facilitation, including listening, graphics, values, and the role of circles of support.  Participants will also have opportunities to practice their facilitation skills through demonstrations and small group practice.  PATH will engage the person you support to think backwards from future possibilities and use storytelling to create a vision of how the possibilities may be realized.  MAPS asks the person to share stories that reveal their gifts.  Together, we explore the ways these gifts can be embraced in the community.


March 20, 21 & 22, 2023

9 am to 4 pm

Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre 

3550 Victoria Ave

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