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Online Training Coming Soon!

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ELEVATE: Board Training

We are proud to partner with SARC in offering the ELEVATE program to our member agencies. This training is geared to Board Members. ELEVATE is a comprehensive online program that can be taken individually or as a group. This is an excellent opportunity to supplement your knowledge of governance best practices and the various roles and responsibilities of Board Directors.

Members of Abilities Manitoba can purchase a one year ELEVATE subscription for $787.50 plus GST (a savings of almost $100) by using Promo code ABMAN2018 at the time of registration to receive your special rate.

If your organization chooses to renew its annual subscription, a 20% discount for return customers will be applied – meaning you can renew your ELEVATE license for $630.00.

Learn more about building exceptional Board expertise and register, by visiting www.sarclearningcentral.ca/programs/ELEVATE

Select other CBO as the type. Make sure to use the promo code ABMAN2018 to receive the discount. This promo code is valid for the 2022/2023 year!

Once registered, the log-in portal is sarc.learnupon.com

SARC Learning Central – Administering the ELEVATE Program Guide (PDF 1.01MB)