What a year it has been! What we thought was perhaps a couple of weeks of unprecedented events, evolved into a year long marathon filled with fear, loss, strength and courage. A year ago today (March 12th), many of us were spending what would be our last ‘normal’ day at work or school.

On this day, last year, Manitoba announced its first case of COVID-19 and we entered uncharted territory. When we couldn’t rely on our normal routines and activities, we instead relied on each other. While scared and anxious, our community came together and worked incredibly hard to keep those that we support safe. We pivoted until we were positively spinning at times, but we kept going. Our staff showed up and stepped up despite being unsure and worried about their own safety. We advocated to ensure that people with disabilities were not left behind. And we did it together.

And now, one year later, we have the hope of vaccines and summer to lure us forward and lift us up. May we remember the people we lost and the lessons we learned and help us shape a future together. The Abilities team gathered some pictures and words that help us look back as we move forward. Enjoy (grab a tissue).