Abilities Manitoba is partnering with various community organizations to enhance access to vaccination for people with intellectual disabilities, their families and staff. Two options are possible and outlined below.

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Home Delivery of Vaccine – People with disabilities that are experiencing barriers to vaccination and would like vaccine to be delivered in their home can now access physicians through Medigroup Health Services. To access they require two documents (linked below) completed and faxed to their offices at 204-410-5177. The first set of vaccines could be delivered as early as this week if documentation is sent before Wednesday 23rd by noon. Unfortunately this option is only available in Winnipeg. We are working on a rural option asap. More information on this can be directed to Medigroup directly at 204-410-5200 mhc@medigroup.ca

In addition, we are partnering with St.Amant to offer pop up clinics throughout the city (and hopefully rurally) at community locations. Vaccinators will arrive at a pre-determined time in a van with vaccine to offer Moderna to people you serve, their families or staff. At first we are hoping to partner with you to pre-book these appts. Later we hope we can do some walk in options. If you have a group of people who require vaccination (first dose or second), please email vaccine@abilitiesmanitoba.org with the details including number of people who require vaccine.