Personal Outcome Measures Pilot Project

Personal Outcome Measures Pilot Project

In October 2017, the Department of Families and Abilities Manitoba entered into a partnership to develop a quality improvement framework for Community Living disABILITY Service (CLdS), the program that provides services and supports to adults with an intellectual disability. 

Phase #1 of the Quality Framework resulted in a recommendation to use an outcome measurement tool that could be used to gather data on quality of life indicators of people receiving CLdS-funded services in Manitoba. The project’s Phase 1 Final Report recommended the use of the Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) Tool, created and administered by The Council on Quality and Leadership.

Progress starts small and trends upward!

The POM is a valid and reliable tool used to gather quality of life information from supported individuals. The questions are conversational in nature and aim to determine whether quality of life indicators are present for the individual, and whether supports and services are present to help achieve those outcomes.

Starting in January 2020 and ending in December, 2022, the Department of Families and Abilities Manitoba piloted the POM tool with a small cohort of CLdS-funded agencies. The project aimed to utilize POM within eleven organizations that provide a variety of services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and evaluate the experience of those that they serve utilizing the Personal Outcome Measures tool, and the impact of the data collected on service provider organizations and CLdS to inform possible future use in Manitoba. The plan was to interview a representative sample of approximately 20% of people served within each organization. Significant training of staff within pilot organizations was also done.

A third party objective evaluation was done by Chalet Point Consulting and a final report has been submitted to the Province with a number of recommendations for next steps. 

While these recommendations are reviewed and considered, CLdS has agreed to utilize remaining funds to continue training and the development of more eLearning videos. 

To find out more about training that is available, check out this listing: Quality Framework Training Events.pdf (133 KB)

For more information contact Leanne Fenez at or 204-791-9319.