Leading Practice Guidelines

Quality Measurement & Improvement

Type: Core Practice

Guideline: The organization has a commitment to continuous improvement that is evident by a system of soliciting feedback from key stakeholders, monitoring of key processes, outcomes and data, and analysis of what was learned leading to action. This system is shaped by the needs and expectations of people served.

What does this look like?

The organization has a quality measurement & improvement system that emphasizes the involvement, feedback and participation of people served, as well as family, friends, and advocates in monitoring and reviewing services and supports. Key features of this system are:

  • Focuses on outcomes for people who use services and supports;
  • Monitors its performance and learns from its mistakes;
  • Indicators that monitor progress are established and used to assess whether organizational objectives are being met;
  • Is communicated and shared with all levels of staff in the organization, people served and their support networks;
  • Encourages continuous improvement;
  • Decisions about quality improvement and priorities are based on feedback, data and evidence;
  • Feedback is solicited from people who leave the organization;
  • Includes a system of audits of key processes that are done regularly;
  • Strives to meaningfully involve those people served that do not communicate in traditional ways.
  • Data collection and monitoring should address:
    • Personal outcomes of people served
    • Financial
    • Risk management
    • Incident and accident review
    • Human resources
    • Technology
    • Health and safety
    • Strategic planning
    • Complaints and grievances
    • Accessibility
    • Demand for services

How would you know this is happening? (Evidence)

What you see in systems:

  • Documented quality and data systems are available that demonstrate measurement of impact of service on people along with key organizational systems.
  • Evidence of feedback systems are available showing that people served and their support networks are regularly engaged to help measure quality.

What you see in actions:

  • Staff, people receiving services and their families are aware of how quality is measured in the organization. They feel involved and valued as part of this process.

Resources to support achieving the guideline:

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