Making Manitoba Accessible

Making Manitoba Accessible

Every Manitoban should be able to accomplish what they need to without running into barriers. Manitobans with disabilities experience barriers while accessing goods & services, applying for jobs and finding information—but we all benefit from a barrier-free society.

People with disabilities from all walks of life are welcome neighbours in Manitoba.

Why Do We Want A Barrier-Free Manitoba?

Nearly every Manitoban has a disability, knows someone with a disability, or will have a disability in the coming years. Improving accessibility is the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do. People with disabilities have an estimated spending power of $40 million across Canada. People with disabilities also represent a large pool of untapped employment potential. When we make Manitoba accessible to people with disabilities, everyone benefits.

Who Are Manitobans With Disabilities?

Persons with disabilities have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which, in interaction with various barriers, may hinder their participation on an equal basis with others.

A person can have a disability that is visible, non-visible, permanent or one that occurs only at certain times. You can’t always tell when someone has a disability. For a variety of reasons, an individual may not identify as having a disability, but face the very same barriers.

A disability, aging, an injury and other life events may temporarily or permanently affect mobility, dexterity (use of hands), vision, hearing, communication, understanding, and mental health.

Are There Resources To Help Manitoba Businesses Become More Accessible To All Manitobans?

Yes, so many!

Abilities Manitoba has developed 3 simple, shareable, 1-page Quick Guides to help you get started in complying with current Manitoba Accessibility Laws:

  • Quick Guide 1: What is The Accessible Customer Service Standard and what do I need to do?
  • Quick Guide 2: What is The Accessible Employment Standard and what do I need to do?
  • Quick Guide 3: What is The Accessible Information & Communications Standard and what do I need to do?

The Manitoba Accessibility Office provides free helpful tips, tricks, and examples for businesses
to use to become more accessible, such as:

Where Can I Go To Learn More?

The Manitoba Accessibility Office can help answer your questions and help you find what you're looking for.

Don't let Manitoba become a Barrier Town, help make Manitoba accessible for all Manitobans.

Welcome to Barrier Town

Funding provided by the Manitoba Government through the Manitoba Accessibility Fund.