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New Executive Board Appointed for 2016-17

Abilities Manitoba had a wonderful Annual General Meeting in Steinbach at the end of April. The Executive Board for 2016-17 is: Jennifer Hagedorn: President Wendy Kennedy: Vice President Maria Freeman: Secretary Ruby Reimer: Treasurer Krista Bissett: Director Leanne Fenez: Director Scott Morden: Director Audra Penner: Director We would like to extend a warm welcome to Krista, Leanne and Scott as they join the Executive. Departing this year were Oly Backstrom, Jeannette DeLong, John Leggat and Malinda Roberts. Thank you for your years of commitment and contribution. You will be missed! We...

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Members of Abilities Manitoba just getting started!

Hat’s off to everyone who took part in creating history in Canada with the Disability Matters campaign. Your passion, creativity and drive mobilized momentum in Manitoba. Be so very proud of your collective efforts – we are ready for a better Manitoba and will continue to advocate for needed changes across our province. Go Team!  

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