Apply For Disability Benefits

Apply To Receive Benefits From Our Government!

An aging couple with disabilities play with their dog.

A plain language booklet designed specifically for Manitobans, Get Your Benefits! lists many federal, provincial and regional benefits and programs individuals may be eligible for including prenatal benefits, disability benefits, Canada Child Benefit, Old Age Security and more. Such benefits and supports can provide more income and contribute to an individual or a family’s better health and well-being.

To order paper copies of the booklet:

For government agencies/departments - contact Ministry of Health, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

For other organizations or individuals - email or call 204-789-3657.

Two people with disabilities have a cart full of groceries.

Visit the University of Manitoba's College of Medicine webpage to learn more about the following disability resources and benefits: 
  • Disability Benefit Fact Sheets
  • Financial Counselling and Literacy
  • Financial Support From The Government of Canada
  • Tax Credits and Filing Tips
  • Employment, Training & EIA
  • Information For Manitobans Living With Disabilities
  • Information For Care Providers
  • Indigenous Peoples Resources
  • Information For Health Care Service Providers
  • Information for Students
  • Information For Tax Clinics
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Seniors
  • Mental Health
  • And so much more!