The Power of Advocacy

People with disabilities advocating for themselves.

We all want something to change in our community, but it can be difficult knowing how to make change happen. Where do we start? It all begins with you.

When you raise your voice and advocate for change in our community, it starts a chain reaction as other voices begin to rise with yours. There's power in advocacy; power to change Manitoba for the better, forever.

Advocacy is a way to raise awareness, generate conversations and promote solutions that create lasting, positive change for people, families, and non-profit service-providers. What change do you want to see in Manitoba?

By voicing your concerns about our community to an audience – whether it be to government, an organization or even to your friends and family – you are helping educate and inform those around you about pressing issues in our sector. When all of our voices unite to further positive change, the call is more likely to be heard, understood and acted upon. Each voice is important and plays a role in reaching the overall goal.

We can’t make major change without you. The listed organizations can support you as a community member and as an advocate for change.

Be the change, and a doodled heart is graffitied on city infrastructure.

Advocacy Resources

Download the Advocacy Toolkit PDF

Find Your MLA

Contacting your area MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) is one way you can advocate for what matters to you and to the communities in which you are connected.

There are 57 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, one for each electoral division.

To find your MLA, use the MLA search at the Elections Manitoba website. Select your electoral division, or enter your address using the address type that best matches where you live.

You can phone, email, and mail letters to your MLA any time and as much as you want.