Rights Training Curriculum

Rights Training Curriculum

Group photo of Rights training participants standing in front of a rights declaration

The Rights Training Series: Self-Direction is a three-part training designed by and for people with disabilities. The curriculum is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities. Upon completion of this training, people will feel more confident in their rights and feel empowered to make choices and take control of the areas that impact them. The content is introductory, and learning about rights should continue after this training as it is a continuous journey.

This project is created through the proud partnership of Abilities Manitoba and People First of Manitoba. Both organizations have a mutual and vested interest in building a more inclusive Manitoba for all people.

The curriculum and associated materials are being offered free of charge in an effort to create more capacity for people with disabilities to learn about their rights and be empowered to exercise them. This curriculum can be utilized on the condition that it is always delivered by people with disabilities as facilitators or co-facilitators. People learn best from those that have shared experiences and perspectives. This peer-to-peer design is at the heart of the training and shows deep respect for the unique viewpoint of those with lived experiences. Staff or professionals from organizations wishing to host the training may assist, support and co-facilitate but the intent is that people with disabilities play meaningful and authentic leadership roles in the delivery of this training. 

Curriculum: Rights Training Curriculum - Powerpoint cover slide

All files can be accessed via this link: Rights Curriculum Materials

In this folder you should find: 

Powerpoint slides

  • Rights Training Series (Self Direction) - Part One
  • Rights Training Series (Self Direction) - Part Two
  • Rights Training Series (Self Direction) - Part Three

Trainer's Manual

All Handouts required

Tools and Samples

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Future modules in this series are planned and will be added to this page when complete.